Monday, September 05, 2005

Begin at the Beginning

"If you should write a little fable for little fishes, you would make them speak like great whales."
Goldsmith to Johnson

I am certainly not at the beginning but only starting here at the three-quarter post to accumulate unbelievable events from the hum-drum. Labor day seems appropriate since I neither labor nor spend a typical day. The thoughts herein will be on just a few topics:
1. being a public librarian and the sights and smells that accompany such.
2. blood sport gardening
3. popular music in know-it-allese.
4. cat misbehavior
5. food
6. the war between men and women
7. despair/exhuberance
8. Living with my hipstress daughter
9. slavery to routine
10. the bizarre in everyday life including cell phone shitheads, tail-gating SUVs and clueless kids.


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