Monday, July 09, 2007

LAPL Librarians taught the basics of shushing

New...New...New...hipper librarians...again in NY Times....
Oh no, the profession is doomed for sure as the New York Stodgetimes has declared the bun-haired brigade to be born again hip...again. Thus burying the over-thirty Dewey Lemmings to be truly obsolete, un-tatooed, nerdians, smelling of malt o' meal and over-ripe bananas. Returning from days of making tiny check marks on data sheets, ` watching reruns of Sam Riddle's Hullabaloo and sipping very uncool domestic beers in stifling, tiny apartments with mangy cats astride their tattered, thrift store furniture. Oh God, I wish I was young and firm enough of flesh to get the contents of the Geschlechterbuch branded onto a bicep!
One more letter to the editor that will never be published: to the NYT

Dear Editor:

I know my opinion is not supposed to matter since I am over the age of 29 but one more article on the new hip librarians ("A Hipper Crowd of Shushers" July 8)has me moving out of my rocking chair and to the keyboard. I started in the library game in the term of Jimmy Carter and have come to accept certain facts:
Libraries and librarians will be declared soon to be obsolete every five years.
Bun hairdos and librarian stereotypes went out with words like “keen” and “daddio.”
Shushing is over, now it is “turn off your cell phone please, this is a reading room!”
I have never, ever been called “guybrarian” to my face and hope to continue that streak.
Communicating in Dewey at the cocktail hour is unadvisable due to the lack of easy recall of cutter numbers.
Hipness of librarians or other professions is not due in direct ratio to tattoos, the name of your blog or the length of names on your cocktails. Cannonball Adderly said it “Hipness is not a state of mind, It's a fact of life!" Librarians will become obsolete when the American public gets smart enough to put us out of business.


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