Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Best Message

I still have questions for you
Still want to compare our aging mugs
Against those days on Annetta
Can’t get used to this
Vast breezeway in my heart
Want to leave my best message
It’s there on speed-dial
Yesterday, tickets to the game
I automatically wanted to include you
Yet your plaque sits up high
Out of reach, the dull ache
Thumping, straining
Beyond the tears leaking
Grudgingly, moving forward
Toward your tutorial on
The afterlife where LSD
Is just a walk in the park
The South Gate Park where
We learned about mysteries
Still mysterious and lost
How could this happen?
When my questions get more urgent
Where have you gone my homeboy?
What is it like out there?
When can I expect you
To return my call


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phone tag, apt metaphor.

Patience betwixt the bewildering lessons.

But he will be, we will be

6:38 PM  
Blogger I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

The world is full of strange meetings! Just last night I came upon a zoom view of South Gate Park and thought of my youth spent on Aldrich Road. The factory just beyond the backyard fence. The LA River and train tracks. The walk to Tweedy Elementary School - and the huge Mulberry Tree we would climb and eat berries from until we were sick!

Then tonight I'm just cruising through blogs and your mention of South Gate Park jumps out at me!

I guess this time of year really IS for memories, isn't it! Thanks for a nice, warm one!

5:04 PM  

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