Friday, September 07, 2007

"Meadowbrook Nursing Home" by Alice N. Persons

Meadowbrook Nursing Home

On our last visit, when Lucy was fifteen

And getting creaky herself,

One of the nurses said to me,"Why don't you take the cat to Mrs. Harris' room— poor thing lost her leg to diabetes last fall

—she's ninety, and blind, and no one comes to see her.

"The door was open.

I asked the tiny woman in the bed if she would like me to bring Lucy in,

and she turned her headtoward us.

"Oh, yes, I want to touch her."

"I had a cat called Lily — she was so pretty, all white.

She was with me for twenty years, after my husband died too.

She slept with me every night — I loved her very much.

It's hard, in here, since I can't get around.

"Lucy was settling in on the bed.

"You won't believe it, but I used to love to dance.

I was a fool for it! I even won contests.

I wish I had danced more.

It's funny, what you miss when gone.

"This last was a murmur.

She'd fallen asleep.

I lifted the catfrom the bed, tiptoed out, and drove home.

I tried to do some desk workbut couldn't focus.

I went downstairs, pulled the shades,

put on Tina Turnerand cranked it up loudand I danced.

I danced.


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