Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Step Backward Taken

Not only sands and gravels

Were once more on their travels,

But gulping muddy gallons

Great boulders off their balance

Bumped heads together dully

And started down the gully.

Whole capes caked off in slices.

I felt my standpoint shaken

In the universal crisis.

But with one step backward taken

I saved myself from going.

A world torn loose went by me.

Then the rain stopped and the blowing,

And the sun came out to dry me.
-Robert Frost

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

inch by inch and row by row

We brought the salvia greggii

Scent of the west

the westringia fruiticosa

out of the Mediterranean

the lavandula Goodwin Creek

California's fecund riches

Young citrus too, a tradition

Round these parts

Dropped them into the clay of dry Ojai

Gave them sustenance from Lake Casitas

Made fertile with friend's words

the laughter of children

And some sweat from the old men

Bent with their hopes

for the same kids running over

This sanctified dirt

Where some day we will

stain our shirts and dresses with

pomegranite and peach nectar