Tuesday, February 17, 2009

30 Line Orphan Song

Thirty Line Orphan Song

I’m not an orphan
Though my folks are gone
Left me with a softness
In the center,
Their lilt to a laugh

No orphan in that blood
Still flowing through
Veins mixing vintages
Into a varietal of temperment
Can’t or won't fake those

Sometimes you will see them
Without searching too hard
A certain tilt of the head
When lifting up a kid
Or kneeling in the loose dirt

Orphans don’t look
Like my Mother
When she explained
How mistakes are not permanent
Such a difference for me

Love doesn’t always last
But the bond stays strong
In these chromosomes
Things handed down
We hold like a fledgling

I’m no orphan
Not in this album
Tattooed in my memory
Cobalt indelible inside
Not an orphan, never

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm not lonely

I'm Not Lonely

I'm not lonely sleeping all alone

you think i'm scared

but i'm a big girl

i don't cry or anything
I have a great big bed to roll around in

and lots of space

and i don't dream bad dreams

like i used to have

that you were leaving me anymore
Now that you're gone

i don't dream

and no matter what you think

i'm not lonely sleeping all alone

Written by Nikki Giovanni