Tuesday, February 17, 2009

30 Line Orphan Song

Thirty Line Orphan Song

I’m not an orphan
Though my folks are gone
Left me with a softness
In the center,
Their lilt to a laugh

No orphan in that blood
Still flowing through
Veins mixing vintages
Into a varietal of temperment
Can’t or won't fake those

Sometimes you will see them
Without searching too hard
A certain tilt of the head
When lifting up a kid
Or kneeling in the loose dirt

Orphans don’t look
Like my Mother
When she explained
How mistakes are not permanent
Such a difference for me

Love doesn’t always last
But the bond stays strong
In these chromosomes
Things handed down
We hold like a fledgling

I’m no orphan
Not in this album
Tattooed in my memory
Cobalt indelible inside
Not an orphan, never


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