Friday, May 21, 2010

What I Know

What I know

I see your dark lashes when you sleep
And love the soft turns of your body
I know the feel of your lips
And the lilt of your shy laugh
But there is more
More I have felt and heard
I can hear your grandpa speaking
About the wisdom of condoms
Feel the touch of your brother
As he sought a current in your small arm
I know the joy of your escapades in another man’s arms
Of the good days and the heartache
And how your children make you glow
How their sight and smell are burned deep
The easy grace of motherhood on you
I know how you move your legs
Under the dinner table, fighting nerves
I know your memories see a sad mother
Suffering the greatest loss imaginable
Know how you were smart but lost
I know how you use books like blankets
Covering your pain and soothing your spirit
I know how your eyes light when watching
Drama and the tears that drift quietly
When your heart overflows
I know how the word touches your soul
It is where I want to go, to find me
I know you sometimes love me like a supernova
But I also know there are days that
I do not exist, buried in the sadness
Just a seed, waiting to germinate again
I understand why others fantasize
About the dark beauty with the kind eyes
I know how you suffered on lonely nights
Wishing it was different, wanting something
I know your soul is restless
Your heart is purple sweet with love
I know I love you beyond reason
Beyond the bounds of my own imagination
But I know you may not always believe plain words
I know you may turn away from me someday
I know today is not that day
I know today is not that day


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