Monday, September 17, 2007


He felt it still burn
Like a buck knife stuck under the ribs
The years stacked on top of the scar
Could not stop the throb that came
In quiet moments, alone, again
The promises, the looks of hope
All those kisses, the sweaty summer sweetness
Skyrockets in flight and all that
Yet, she left him there
In the junkyard of his heart’s obsolescence
Loping in a meadow of new love
He went to the movies alone
Masturbated, cursed himself as he came
The ensuing rust from tears got old
After the blood dried he forgot the kisses
The days holding hands during TV shows
The obligatory receptions and sorry family dinners
To love, honor and endure, yes
The years have past, the levels achieved
He smiles at friends, looking cool
But, he still waits for the miracle
The soft water to make it clean again


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