Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't forget to look at the lake

Silverlake is a speck, a blue spot
A reservoir of some millions of gallons
Home for wayward sea birds
The glimmer mostly ignored
By the sundry hipsters strolling there
Still that silver lake was part of our days
Dreary and mundane
My daughter and I drove past
While we navigated unsteadily
Together on a stormy sea
I, supposed to be taking the helm
“Don’t forget to look at the lake”
The wisest words I ever gave her
Where tears, curses, and heartbreak
Made the view murky and sad
We sipped those moments in the azure depth
Taking a pure draught in the raining ashes
Letting a few wayfarers of blood
Settle sweetly while we drifted
“Don’t forget to look at the lake”
Jewels of light dancing on the windblown water
Death, divorce, depression all softened some
When we shouted at each other, releasing hate
Sharing blame for our failures
Silverlake answered those calls too
“Don’t forget to look at the lake”
Even the sad throb of defeat
Quieted in the dark water there
A heron broke from the nest
High in the Eucalyptus branches
reflected in the mirrors below
"Don't forget to look at the lake"
When love asked to come in once again
I remembered and each window glance
The moments adding up as balm
Each sliver of hopeful sight
That came in on cool currents
“Don’t forget to look at the lake”


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