Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Walkin' to New Orleans

Today I got my letter from the City Librarian that I have been selected as a representative of LAPL and my name will be forwarded to city personnel in order for assignment to a Red Cross shelter. I am one of the dirty dozen from LAPL. No doubt I was chosen for my ability to remove wine corks with my teeth in a crisis. I have no idea where I will be going, when I will leave or what I will be doing but I am anxious to find out.
As an inveterate procrastinator I threw my name into the hat on a whim/get off your ass and do something reflex. It may be a miserable week but it IS only a week that they will use my services. I would prefer to face the victims face to face than to cluck my tongue at dinner parties and send a check somewhere. Because of my cynicism toward humans I have leaned toward helping animals up to this point but from here on in I will have no choice. I have had a pretty cushy time of it for the most part so this will be a character test. My life is mostly made up of kitty cats, flowering shrubs, softball on Tuesday nights with my buds and moderate gulps of cheap red wine in front of the TV. We will see if I have the guts.


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