Friday, November 02, 2007


When you pass in the car

the number glints in headlights


new folks in freshly painted rooms

Living a new life with no memory

Of the blood spilt here

sleepless nights of needless worry

the raucous laughter of grandchildren

tearful pleas of the "kids" now grown old

ruddy faces at so many Christmas bacchanals

The agony and the ecstasy here

the abundant life lived without a care
pacing in the darkened house
Can I make the payment?
a hundred birds calling in the bouganvilla
the garage opener rumbling
Daddy fell here on the rug

and never returned
Do the new ones know
Can they hear the morning cough
the reedy phone conversations to Chrissie
A doorbell and dog pandamonium

Mom slowed to a stop still in the den

the new babies, the partners now forgotten

Cole slaw and sugar cured ham

cold beers and briquet smoke
We remember, separated by space from it now
The vigil during a coma
The admission of impending divorce
the thousands of greeting kisses and ball games in the front
A golden anniversary with oxygen
tapdancers on the bricks out back

Laying baby Daylon on the bed upstairs
Walking past the roses, stopping
Thinking you will smell them next time

The pitched battles against addictions

Home movies whirring on the old projector

Cassettes of holiday ghosts drifting away

Riding trikes out front with the grandkids

Paul and Steve "bust" out the rockem sockem robots
Slow down!!!
Polyester cheese hanging in the cedar walk-in
Mister Ito is out front in his truck
Now Dad just sits and dreams of Manhattan Tower
Never leave me...never leave me
Mom grits her teeth and yells at the pups
It's the time rushing by she hates really
Even the kids got wrinkled and gray

Jeff and Shaun's skateboards grinding across the hardwood

Fried chicken bouncing into the air

As a fist hammered down in disagreement
The girls went out carolling
Where are Shaun and Lori?

Triumphs taken for granted

Small worries grown huge

A dizzy spell that became a pacemaker

Eye patches, then independence vanishes
The Spanish meal, Stephen take some home!
Bubblebaths and contentment in the new-cuzzi
Do they hear the ghosts
Smell the orders from La Rizza just arrived
The barking that changed timber
the hushed voices, the wide mouthed laughter
duck or you'll hit your head
Sad last car trips to rainbow bridge appointments
Dancing in the den, arms flying free

An invisible welcome mat to all of blood
That's Dahlia, she's our latest
The walls do speak in past present
the kitchen stools creak before grapefruits
Past the curtains to the grass
Seven "boys" throw a turbo-football
Shouts, curses and sweat on the street

Aunt Cheryl sure looks tired

Why did Glen leave so suddenly?

Goddamned MaryAnn always wants to go

Her belly full and no interest in us

Wow, Lori is a teenager
Freddy rode that zodiak like a sailor
Check out the arm on that kid
He's a natural that one
Girls! Look at the camera
Look at that red hair!
That cake... we bought it at Ralphs
Truth is the front room smells like dog piss
The dogs were not the problem really
Do they, do they hear it still?
Walking up the entry hearing Jilly's laugh
There's another one shouts a kid!
Easter eggs in obvious places
they eat them with the shells on
Long, solemn talks on the patio
Meetings with hospice care
Gray faces, gray spaces and tears
In places kept secret there were stories
we saved for last
the diaries, the mementos, the words kept
Four newspaper clippings in an envelope
Read them again, live them again
photographs and memories
A scrapbook just waiting to happen
We just keep on living, going on
Hey! Shut the F**k's 1:30 in the morning!
Just some miles away
A plaque reads grandma...grandpa...father...mother
But they lived here
They lived at 776


Blogger Chris said...

Glen, this always makes me laugh and cry. Also today would have been Dad's b-day. I am going to see Jeff at Jail and I feel Mom and Dad's "wings" around me for strength. Love, Chris xo

11:08 AM  

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