Friday, September 16, 2005

Pointy eared masters

My current cat pop is comprised of the highly eccentric but loveable old Jaspurr who at 13 only wants to sit by me and rub his jowls across my goatee, we call that smearing. Frankenstein is the two year old who is fierce and bad to an incredible degree. He is cute faced and mischevious but aggressive and sometimes abusive to his elders including humans. White Pwaws is our corpulent outdoor cat with a great disposition but a territorial ferocity that did not leave with his bolitos. Wherever you go in the garden he is there to gaze at you with admiration. Dyanamite comes in small packages and the little keg called Chiona rounds out the specials who dominate us in every aspect of our lives. Silky furz is a sashaying dominatrix who raises her tiny paw, demanding feline fealty from all she encounters. These are our main ruling beasts who we serve with gratitude. However, there are other hobos who fill their cat bellies at our crunchiecopia. There is Kishka, a delicate gray tiger who hisses at me if I try to pet her even though she meows at me to hurry up my service at breakfast. There is also Daphne, the pretty black and white medium fur who runs from humans but affectionately stalks Frankie and butt-sniffs obsessively. Tuffy comes from next door and is a rescued Norwegian Forest Cat with a permanent worried look on his face and a bum paw which he uses as a grappling hook in climbing the trellice in front of my house. Lastly there is Gino, a lean, mean marmalade eating machine who has trouble cracking the feline hierarchy out at "the cope" but who does allow me to pet him and feed him on the perimeter. Occasionally Metronome (aka Skinnay) who was with the remains of Purrkins when I found him on the fire road. He is totally feral but looks at me with some interest. Sometimes he sits on the other side of our garden fence and watches Pwaws and Jaspurr and Frankie get pets like he would love to join the family but just can't figure out an icebreaker. Who needs television or fiction when you have such entertainment.


Blogger Vidya said...

The PEMs now are immortalized in Blogland! Welcome, Don Sabelo, to the 21st century!

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